What's the deal?

What’s taking so long for a melee attack lead with Huge AP while attacking? Why does only ranged get that kind of love? :unamused:


Thinks of Rise To Power Rick but decides not to say anything :man_shrugging:


I think he means a lead for both yellow and green toons


Oh, lol. Whoops, my bad. Maybe Scopely thinks the rainbow leads will cover it, like Andrea, even though her lead is “very large.” Who knows?

Pretty sure they are “balancing out” the difference of power between broken def toons they give out. Like Lydia or Jesus human shield with their Abs def which can only be broken through pure random chance(Luck)

If they give out more yellows they will break the game because everyone will get Abs def. Sure, some green teams can face them but that is all depending on wherever or not they get their AR or they made to land hits.

Speaking of free to play only? Because a disarm character won’t be affected by AD, ever


Andrea gives Huge not Large

Talking about the supposedly “free” Survivor’s Club Andrea, not the ranged Andrea, lol. Hence the “rainbow leads will cover it, like Andrea


Well, we are TALKING about free to play given toons are we not? So if they do give them more boost like that to free to play players then other free to play players will get angry cause they can’t go around abs def. Something that is actually happen because of the whole Lydia being given. Before it was Carl the most broken melee def leader. Now it is Lydia. So far the 1# on a cross region between 8 regions had every single player with Lydia lead. Either that or Jesus abs def.

Even IF you bring a full “green disarming” team. It is pretty damn hard to beat abs def teams that have more than one revive toon. Making the “bring disarming toons” obsolete.

I don’t struggle with an all yellow team that has all AD weapons. And i run one disarm toon


I don’t struggle with them and I run 0 disarm toons

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