Whats the deal with the skull tokens?

With the amount of skull tokens you guys are requiring for a pull and the low amount you guys are giving out as rewards it is going to be nearly impossible to get a pull on that wheel without spending money and even spending you aren’t giving enough it’s $8.99 for 1 and you need a 1,000. Or is that the point? To make it impossible

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It’s 1 token to pull, but for now Scopely made it 1,000 because people were exploiting.

And soon they will learn their actions have consequences.

Well that sucks

This is hilarious. What a poorly thought out shitshow dumpster fire this skull event has turned into. Kudos to those that took advantage. To those that didnt: blame scopelys TERRIBLE forethought and poor understanding of THIER OWN GAME (My ass y’all(scopely) play), dont call for the heads of the players that DO understand the game and play the hands they are dealt.


No…you wish

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If they don’t fix it then it would honestly be cheaper just to purchase the coins in the offers

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I wish as well

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