"What's the deal" with the lack of cans

C’mon scope you can do better. You offer these maps with high energy and aren’t even offering refils. You use to give at least 1 in the map on some of the later parts. Now nothing. When you have deals they are too high to concider. In my second region I only have about 36 energy and no refills. Maps refresh before I can finish. I suggest offering a daily deal during the week at 50 coins a refill limit 5 per day. If that was there I Would buy the 700 coin packs all the time for those refills and I’m sure many others would too. I need the gear in the gear maps and I want more opportunities for pulls in this event.


Good idea, so… no.

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The deal is, whales keep spending. They can’t help themselves. They’re sick in the head. So scopely does stuff like this to capitalize off of their sickness.


Yes cause 17 energy is worth the flashbag completion.

Seems legit right @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again

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Hahaha got diacobot involved

The maps are an extra feature with food or trainers, you don’t need to do the map but it seems worth it to me the possibility of 8 Benedict’s is alluring. The value of a can 100gold the sale of 2 Benedict’s $24.99. if you don’t want to do the roadmap don’t do it.

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I think they’re bringing up a good point, though. If Scopley put up some of their world can bag sales, people would definitely purchase them (even if it was their regular bags). I think Scopley is missing out on this, and the players are missing out on the cans.

The deal is that Scopely wants to look generous by giving us a bunch of easy pulls on fairly decent rewards but doesn’t want to actually be generous by giving us the ability to do it with the energy required.

It’s the same as ascendancy. Anyone can do it with the right materials available, but they aren’t going to make the materials available without you digging into your wallet. But if you do, the world is your premium-priced oyster!

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Plankton, whales eat plankton. Like one in chum bucket.