What's the deal with Knox?

It seems that nobody likes Knox from the mittens. Here my dumb arse is wishing that I’d have been paying attention and going hard in SR. The other two toons look like flaming garbage piles but I’d be willing to pay for this one. My main attack team is all Shiva and Rick and bleed, baby, bleed but it has no AR control toon. I just use Gabriel lead, absorb their hits and revive as necessary, while they bleed to death thanks to lacerator. With Knox, I’d get another toon spilling blood and even more importantly, a neutralizer. How is that not a great combo? Plus, he can hold that stun weapon that’s sitting idle since Gabriel replaced Carl. Time to spend!!!

How many mittens can I get from an SR tourney and how many are left, for those that were paying attention? I need to cipher this out.


I have all 3 toons, he is the only one I have ascended. Neutralize is always good in my book. Having said that, may take ages to level him up. Gear and trainer shortage is real

I think Maggie is best of the 3.

Knox is worse unless you have a lacerate toon like White Shiva

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We have a bleed guy in our faction he defeats every1 easy.

Its a hard Knox life for us. Thats what’s up with him.


This looks decent

I don’t know the answer, but no Solo SR this week so everyone who wants Knox needs to drop some cans in the faction SR this weekend which will be inevitably too short. Or get buying offers

AR…is…76. No leaderskill, no attack or def boost, 425% doesnt kill, it only sets off ARs

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Knox should’ve been great. He was robbed


He bleeds and his neut kills AR, not triggers it.

Neutralize is cool and all until you hit lydia or some other toon and realize that impair resist is a thing…and boom ur fuked.


Well that’s always the case. It’s better to hammer with it then not have it

Most Lydias Ive seen run stun and confuse resist

His AR triggers ARs. And opponents AR is usually heal or bonus HP and the bleed isn’t enough to kill

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He’s viktor with more attack and much less def.
he has a garbage active, neut (pretty good honestly), and a rush very similar to his original (only difference is 35 damage per turn and an additional turn for bleed)

It’s all about that bleed. As stated, I’m all about lactate and stacking that bleed. The more you stack on there, the more there is to double


Damn that is funny. Not even gonna edit. :cow2:

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Scarred for life.