What's the cheapest the wanderer's gone for in the depot?

I’m just curious
and i’m adding this fluff here because it has to be 20 characters

40k drops to 28k on extreme sale.

Think 28k on sale

What about regular sale?
Dunno if I’ll ever see extreme.

40k, 36k, 32k, 28k

No sale, Sale, super sale, extreme sale


I’m really wanting that gas masked guy.

Is he defo available outside of the p12 slot? I flipped depot 6 times and the twice he has appeared he’s been in the p12 slot only

Yes, I bought him on extreme sale outside of P12 slot

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Thanks - i’ll keep wasting coins then :slight_smile:

28k in the normal 5* slot , in fact all the new additions are 40k-28k only the old ones are original price

Since governor became ascendable he hardly pops up even when I refresh depot with coin

I thought Blue Morgan and Yellow Duene are 60k normal.

I got him on super sale for 30k even

Got him just to get him after the SD update, and am very glad I did now.

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