Whats the best "universal" attack team to have


What is the current best attack team ever in the game. Which team are we trying to achieve in all of this confusion

  1. Lead with Carl or Erika.
  2. Mod all your weapons so that they all stun your enemies when they attack.


Those r the 2 toons I would never use as lead on attack


Blue Carl…


He didn’t say blue Carl But blue Carl is a great attacking lead


Not just a leader but the 4 other members that go in there


Oh that’s easy blue Carl and 4 2* Macs duh


It is oops dependent but something like Carl mich Rosie wayland pick a 5th would be hard to stop


justmac attack it.


Maybe something like this?


Probably rtp rick and 4x marlon


Or this?


Theres not really a “best” attack team. Every attack team is designed to combat different defenses.


I take down everyone with this


Thank you!

  • Melee
  • Ranged (with magna/andrea)
  • Ranged (without)
  • Eugene (blue & green)
  • Pure best attackers on your roster

That’s likely most of the options
I think the OP was asking about the last one


Abe lead green alpha marlon glenn and yellow shiva would be a good attack


Melee: abe, bruce, rom, anna, whaleland

Range: andrea, sandy, michonne, konrad, erika

Blue/yellow: carl, whaleland, diq, marlon, michonne


That said there are Many options


Been my main rainbow team for a while, but i’m getting a few other maxed out toons these days which means i can swap around a bit from time to time


6* morgan, michonne, wayland, 6* green rick, and magna to impair