What's the best strategy for faction to beat FA T6

Need help on faction assault 6 what’s the best way to go about beating it as faction. We failed it just barely twice about to do attempt 3

We are better now so should help also but still need a game play please help!!!

Only let 1 person attack at once. If multiple people attack at once, not all the points will go through. I’d recommend using weaker characters before getting to Negan that way you have your strongest characters to do good damage.


Yellow Shiva is BEAST in FA.

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Hemorrhage is awesome especially with lacerate.

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Go balls deep



we hit with 4* team once untill all faction members have hit, then all out…can beat him very quickly…if ya put kate on your team with a guardian and 3 heavy hitters you can auto battle F.A

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Use characters with Hp boost,it’s a breeze like Red Zeke

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Save your tickets and wait until there is an event. There is no reason to do FA right now


If you’ve failed it twice then why not just do T5 at least know beat it? As stands you guys just wasting tickets for no rewards.
If doin it for challenge fare enough.
Also coordinate so everyone in faction is onbaord

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Thanks to all we got it this time T6 in 2 days

Well done glad you beat it this time. Means you’ve all improved. Communication an coordination are key… be raring to go for next one.

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