Whats the best place to farm still in 2019?

For farming for survivors, food, wood, gloves, etc. Whats the best place to farm? Is it the roadmap with survivors and food maps?

Is it the latest world map Sanctuary?

Or is it still Hilltop?

Imo hilltop 8 is still the best as it has the best chance to get lilths.

  • Roadmaps
  • Worldmaps
  • Im not a farmer

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I typically farm on 25.8 in the sanctuary if it’s for survivors/weapons/liliths. Best odds for 4* weapons, high yield items and survivors, plus it doesn’t take 100 years to do. If I’m low on gloves/shirts I actually farm 5.6. Only 3 energy and you net between 4-8 shirts and gloves each with a large drop lead. It’s tedious but it’s free I guess. For gear I farm the roadmaps, basically no other choice there.

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Just got 160 survivors by clicking once on the last stage (world map)
… Magic

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Of course you can farm for food. All stages drop food. What you mean is that the quantity of food given as stage rewards is fairly small compared to the food you get from selling the gear farmed.

And as for 17-7 - what do you base that on?

Finally, you get much much more survivors per energy spent doing Stage 25.

It’s probably a self fulfilling delusion - you believe it to be lucky so you farm it more which means, by simple law of averages/chance, you get more good stuff which means you believe it to be lucky…etc

Stage 25 is hands down most efficient in terms of resources per energy spent.

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I say stage 23-8 hilltop cause this list of toons is smaller therefore i was thinking a better chance for lilth, 17 energy and all greens so bring in a red mira team with kenny support and breeze thru. Survivors roadmap and food roadmap i feel are not as good as farming worldmaps, weapons and lilths are nice to get and i feel the survivors we can get is better than the survivors roadmap, food is easy to get so the food roadmaps not really even needed, can take that out and add another gear map and wood roadmap on friday can be swapped for another gear map :smirk: @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Yup :hugs:

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Fine, maybe delusion wasn’t the right word. I’ve seen plenty of people swear blind that a particular stage was the best for a particular drop. But when you dig deeper, you find that they only farm that stage, so of course it yields the best drops.

However, I would be surprised if your research was able to provide “solid evidence” to prove your theory.

Gear hunt for shirts and gloves. I don’t farm world map I built crazy stockpile of scavenger tokens so if I go world map it’s just uses a tokens and it’s over

This is a terrible poll, as it depends on what you’re farming for.

Survivors? 25.8
Gloves/Shirts? gear road map
Food? Silver radio map (if it ever comes back)
XP? XP road map
Weapons and trainers? No one knows and anyone who says they do is bias or just following the many RTS rumors.


Maybe once or twice per month using tokens main source for survivors and materials too

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To be honest long ago they upped the amount of survivors in world stages and also the amount of items (gloves and shirts in later stages and amounts that are decent) but as of last 2 months approximately it seems the amount of survivors were nerfed big time.
Also i noticed during road warrior event they gave little or none on those maps. Why so greedy with survivors. Not like we can buy them ( 30 min later a new premiere offer 200 survivors for 100 coins :joy: )
I fully understand that lower stages should get less. But i just got 4 survivors for 20 energy really? :roll_eyes:


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