What's the best Defense and Offensive team I can build?



How much money you got?


Team 1(Offense, Alert/Strong killer)- Mirabelle lead, Michonne, Lee, Tyreese, Lori

Team 2(Offense, Alert killer)- Dwight lead, Michonne, Lee, Ty, Barker

Team 3(Offense, Tough killer)- Rick lead, Maggie, Javier, Zeke, Aris


Team 4(Defense, Melee) Carl lead, Rick, Connie, Zeke, Aris

Team 5(Defense, Strong/Tough)- Eugene lead, Michonne, Ty, Barker, Carl

Team 6(Defense, Ranged)-Mira lead, Ty, Barker, Michonne, Andrea/Lee


You’re awesome thank you!


No problem! I love coming up with all sorts of combinations for different teams, you have some especially interesting characters to make teams with.


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