What's the best active skill for 6*s?


Which active skill do you think is best? Worst?


Recover stun


Recover stun or stun enemy :zap:


Who has stun enemy? Shiva?


Yes Shiva… and I believe Madison :alert: does too.


yeah shiva


Stun enemy hands down.


I’d say Stun is much better than recover stun. recover stun is only useful if the player you want to recover has a rush ready to go or has a good colour match with the enemy (or is stunned for multiple turns still) since you have to essentially stun the character whose active skill you are using to recover stun. Still useful in certain situations for sure but stun is by far the best.


I dislike any active skill that’s dependent on a skill your opponent may or may not have. Recover focus or recover stun is useless if your opponent doesn’t have that ability.

It would great if active skills were variable to the situation. “Recover or Cause Stun”, where if someone is stunned, they’re recovered, but if none of your team is stunned, you stun one of your opponents. Now THAT would be a useful active skill!