What's the 100 purple tokens for?

they seems like they are useless you can’t even use them for any wheel


Most likely a mistake for survival tokens


Damnnnn. That deals 34.99 for me. Holy exchange rate

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Welcome to Canada

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Decent deal, in for 2.

We’ve seen those before

Can’t remember what for though

Everything. It’s the generic artwork placeholder. Telltale tokens are probably what you remember.



Buy now, worry later, it’s a decent deal.

Death dabaloons?

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Yeah I was just wondering the same like wtf. Actually had this happen before they had purple tokens as an offer and it was supposed to be something else. I mean we know scopley never makes any mistakes so this must be our devices. It doesn’t have enough space, there’s a wheel with purple tokens you just can’t see it.

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Its defently our devices cause you are right, scopely never makes any mistakes :hugs:

Only dedicated players can see the real thing.


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