Whats so offensive about my name?

So i change my name during war… I go to change it back and it says it violates tos… Ok, well its spelt shabütie, so let me change it to a u, thinking maybe it doesnt like the ü… Nope. Still blocked… Even urban dictionary doesnt have a definition that could be construed as offensive. I guess its scopes way of telling me they dont want me to play the game any more???

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I’m offended by your existence as well.

Poor Art. Denied his gamer tag.

Lol. I miss ya.

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Good thing I never change my name! How would my fans ever recognize me?


becouse shabütie = bootie :wink:

Same here.
Cant use my name ingame “Bax”

Guys named “Dick” are greatly discriminated by Scopely.


Whats worst is that my current name, stïnkfïst, is not blocked…

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Any updates? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Idk why a band name w no negative definition is blocked

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