What's one 6* you see as underrated?

My pick is this dude right here. Even with S Class I belive that 70% def down will be a killer and with outlast he’ll be almost guaranteed to go off. While diego is definently more powerful overall, this guy gets the job done


Julie. Barely ever hear of people using her but she gives great control on top of being a decap I’ve been using her t2 for a while now


I use blue negan on my attack team with Zach and yellow shiva… He’s got a fast ar and stuns for 2 active… He’s nice in a bleed team


I think Spencer is an underrated 6*. His Rush is decent and he has a great leader skill for F2P ranged attack teams

Lucas. With the heavy red meta right now, he would be amazing if you have Zach, Mia, Christa, Kapoor, etc.

Yellow Yumiko


Yellow Vincent and yellow kal by far

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Very fast rush, hold the line and decent active skill + gen 2.

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Don’t sleep on 15th Anniversary Rick. Lacerator, maim, heal reduc and bleed all in one.

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Jesus. Winter Edition

The one with invisible knife.

Speaking of that. Where the hell the one comic exclusive sc toon. Did scopely just forgot all about that

I hated yellow kal cause of war wheel but he is.

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The two I was going to say have already been mentioned. Going to throw Mike in there as a 3rd, decent on raids, world class at horde maps and SR.

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I use that Rick mostly for focus and alert bamboozlement caused by his confusing Lucille… enemies be like woah wut! are you Negan too!?

Most underrated character already been mentioned, fast Yumiko, made her critilicious so that her every hit can cause confusion, her ASs include ap buff to two. Using her on both my attack and def team. What a versatile wholesome character.

With the survival road the way it is I think green beta with a stun club works pretty good on some of them zombie stages. Stun a line and recover taunt is handy

I’ve got 4 of him😦

Aiko, Hina(ta), Green Alpha

Bruce Allan Cooper. Everyone crapped on him after zach’s release. Thing is though he’s my crutch for many reasons. He can hold a stun stick, provide offensive/defensive buffs; fast ar so he can still unleash his ar without a bonus ap lead on turn 2. Reliable ap drain. Neutralize. Even his active skill can stop a shield or rushes being used.


Mike looks very useful

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