What's next velvet collections?

Need answers and need them now.
Real answers

Amber and priya


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so we need to get a third priya if we have s-class cool


That’s bs. Surely you should be able to claim with S-Class Priya seeing as you needed 2 maxed to claim. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you confirm this


This is BS I just turn in my two max priya for s priya


Not close to a 3rd either

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this is this game in a nutshell…
yaaaay i got the s-class
…ooo no i needed the t4 lvl90 to something

the land of crushed dreams


Geez… Again it pays off not to play. :weary:

I just got my SPriya :sob:

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I hope sclass count to it :exploding_head:

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i bet you three ascendables it dont… i depot them if i am wrong

@GR.Scopely can you please check this and make it possible for S Priya to be able to collect museum collection?

Damn, they were going backwards in promos to an extent, was hoping that would continue for yellow Gov or Mike next. Instead they pick a toon that means you get rewarded for collecting a particular Sclass over the others. Daft

No Amber heređź‘Ž

This is ridiculous. I literally claimed S Class priya two days ago, and now the only red velvet cake collection that would have been achievable for me, isn’t any more.


i have one of the toons but no amber…

Surely they won’t screw over the players again. Can Gov not ask them to change it


Sad lol hah

I have 600 ICE cream for an priya (have her as s-sclass / had 2 before ofc, I’ll
It struggle for third toon lol, even I have 2 aarav, that’s sad, people who got s class don’t get any reward for that struggle we had haha!