Whats next for SC

Does anyone have any information on the next SC toon?

Leader skill: You had your Liliths
AR: Unsubscribe
AS: Cancel


Leader + specialist is certain

Wouldnt be surprised if they screwed us and changed gear… To the exact same image but different colors. Now red comics…

Fml sorry I said this.


I doubt they’ll change it… but nothing would shock me. What would the people do who enrolled later on and don’t have enough comics to finish Andrea? I guess they could have a separate roadmap for each different comic. All I know is it better be one bad ass mother to get me enrolled again.


That could get out of hand pretty quick

They need to make a new character that still uses the same comics. In order to obtain the new character andrea needs to me maxed and you claim the new toon in the musuem.


That’s a horrible idea… what if I didn’t subscribe because I didn’t want Andrea but I want the new toon?

Too bad …
JK… But it does need to stay the same comics

If they made one with huge ap bonus watch all the noobys come rolling in TAKE MY MONEY.

Please make Shiva lead with decap and maim claws

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I’m still 1 comic short, keep comics the same, you have Andrea anyway so it’s your choice which Character you LU, maybe 2 new toons so you can choose

Hopefully there will be offensive toons to, plenty of def out there already

I have maxed andrea and three unopened bag of comics.
And in a few hours the sc roadmap will refresh.

Soooo… like Maggie :thinking:

Disarm leader with 40 atk and huge ap bonus when attacking to all teamates.

rush happy meal. focus to all for 5 turns.

stats 5000 defense 0attack 999hp.

Weapon: Burger. This character Revives all with magic french fries if taunted.

You got proof? Let’s see some screenshots

Afraid not but here’s a preview of the next Episode of The walking dead.

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I have no words…

That was kind of creepy

I found that down a YouTube hole like 8 years ago. Nice to see someone sharing the mclove