Whats next after cake and candles?


The 3-years token timer shows a lot of time to go. Will there be something new to catch them, after Cake and candles are finished?

Some humor would be nice, lets copy cake and candle event and let us collect :poop: and :zap: and call it the shitstorm - event, it fits to the community spirit after the 99cent-gate.


@Samsy they will make a event were there are going to be choose your side i hope


I want the event where it was three part and the entire region had to work together to kill Walkers, collect food and mats. All showing on a thermometer looking thing to the right side of your display. The prize was a Lori. But the cool
Thing was you could how many peeps were on each region based on the numbers you had to obtain. I don’t remember what it was called though(the event)


Call to arms?


i hope they make it to where you have to kill 5m walers for a erika


Let’s have an event where the more money you spend, the better prizes you get! Oh wait…


thats already exist, its called raid, SR or level up tournaments


something to do with pumpkin pie and candy most likely. because halloween. never know. and the next price will be Amber “Life and death” :heart: she will be blue and specialist skill on a role


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