What's included in this ascendable Offer?


Just wondering if anyone did this offer and what ascendable is included in the end?


I haven’t done this one and probably won’t, I did the last 2 which cost over £200 each (i don’t remember exact amount), the final offer in the previous 2 included a chest with chances at 1 of 4 ascendables. Saying that if someone posts the last offer i may get tempted again lol.


I need someone to post what the toons are so I know if I want to go.


probably not worth the gamble


Another one of these… @Kodak_black :eyes::thinking:


I’d like to know the other offers too


this is the 2nd one, who will go further?


Last time this offer popped up…cost $255

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Bought the first 2 but already have naya in the last offer and don’t really want Barker for all that $$$ lol


do anyone go to last offer? im quite curious too. The last offer i got blue Konrad and dont know what Sco brings to this one.


Naya or Barker


i dont think they would put Naya or Barker into this. You will never spend more than 200$ to just get Naya or Barker. Last offer were Blue Kon, green bruce, yellow Jesus and red Sandy. In my opinion Kon and Bruce are the lower " class", Jesus and Sandy are the higher " class" so still we have 50-50 chance to get lower or better. I think this time they could bring blue Carl+blue Mic and green Koa+yellow Ezekiel. Or they just keep the same as last offer.


As i see it cant be 2 blue in this offer, red Louis maybe?


Where are the brave soldiers that are going to buy all the promos and show us the screenshots? :frowning:


Well I don’t know what to tell ya it’s a shity final offer don’t believe me idc lol


omg youve already bought all 6 offers?? Whats the final bro just tell us. lol


I’d take either of them over Koa or Zeke


Hes already stated.


I’ve said it twice already I guess he doesn’t understand lol


lol so sorry, i thought you’re kidding bc Naya and Baker? Seriouly Scopely? >200$?