What's in the second stash?

Is worth goingfor second stash?

Meth is the second stash

Shows if click on the box but that’s what get. As you got me curious

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I am not talking about what’s in the choice box . I am talking about what are the 80 items in the stash.
But thanks for the help

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Since they put Clem cards only on first stash maybe the second one will have these others

The boxes after platinum mods are gear. The first boxes have S class cards


Thanks dude

So means ya gotta spend out the ass to get to the 2nd stash

The fact that they imposed a trainer cap on all of us makes stashes like these useless for anyone near or over the cap.

So that means no reason for anyone in this situation to spend. One again pure scipley genius at work. :laughing:

As a resource conserver this trainer update has ended up punishing me. I likely will never gain a Burt, Lilith, Uly, or Brady ever again. Sure they are lower end now but so many “prizes” for me end up being completely lost and worthless. Pretty disappointing to alienate a portion of players.

I burned thru ~500 Burts to get under the limit so I could collect… It was OK, putting up points for the faction. Still over the Ulysses limit, already lost a couple. So dumb, make the limit… unlimited, it’s just a number in a database table.

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