What's going on? 🤔

Can someone explain to me what is going on here, bc I’m a tad bit confused.

You can see in the Screenshots below that both teams are identical, they have the same toons, the same weapon weapons, the same mods and the same stats. The only difference between them is toon positioning.

So how can they have such vastly different team grades if they’re the same team??

Made by me

Made by Auto Fill

What, does toon positioning now play a factor in team grade and I just missed the memo? Or is this another bug to add to the many others.

Zander has different stats


Zander has more hp in one of the screenshots


So does James.

Why do you have incognito mode open

Because he’s looking at alot of porn and doesn’t want it kept in his history?


That’s so weird I wonder why their stats are different they have the same mods and weapons. So the stats should be the same.

My friend had a similar thing happen. He had the same team setup twice with same weapons and same position, but the team grade is different lol

Team grade calculation is often a bit wonky, especially if it’s teams that were changed since building them (Leveling, vet rings etc.). If you build the exact same teams again, they should, I think, be the same.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I used auto fill to make the S11++ team bc I made a copy of the S11++ team but I didn’t use auto fill this time around and now it’s showing S13.

I have this issue too what is happening is mods aren’t being applied

Yeah gotta have something to do with Auto Fill bc I just did the auto to make it again and it’s showing S11++ again. This is really strange.

U can add the toon then when u save and go back in stats will be premod numbers

Nothing to do with autofill u can make the team manually and gather the same results

Nevermind autofill lowers

Actually no, I did it manually and it showed S13 I do it Auto fill and it shows S11++

U can replicate based on toon positioning manually changing 4 and 5

I swapped the 4th and 5th spot now it’s saying S12 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s just visual though I just tested in game mods are applied even though team select screen shows lower stats

Autofill should be designed to make the highest grade possible though with current mod setups