What's going on with refills?


I’ve noticed that Scopely is doing some weird things with refills recently. First of all the deals on offer for coins are terrible. Are we really stupid enough to pay 185 coins for 1 raid refill and chance for refill and grenade?!?! LMAO

Then if you’re late to start playing an event, low on refills and want to score for league points, well you’re totally screwed because Scopely inexplicably just stops making refill deals available both for coins or in offers!!! This is especially a problem for Survival Road where you generally can’t get refills outside of shop.

I wonder if this has something to do with league prizes as smart players will use coins won from league placing to top up enough refills to at least reach event milestones each week.


I do but a) there’s generally not enough to keep me going for two weeks (if I want to keep placing high during events), b) war doesn’t drop Survival Road refills, and c) I don’t think I ever tried farming from war so I just get what I get from drops and placement (I’m not stingy with my war refills when I play and don’t wait around for someone else to hit).


It’s kinda dumb on Scopely’s part because I feel sure there’s plenty players that would more likely spend towards the end of an event, rather than at the start.


Because they don’t offer survival road refills in war…


There USED to be a method, a form of schedule that worked pretty well. Scopes would throw a war out, in which you can get cans and stockpile them. Along with Supply points, fodder from Basic tokens, and a few trainers. This helped because a Level up normally followed a War. You had supplies, you farmed roadmaps for gear and saved up on the raid cans.


You get three level ups in a row, two solo and one faction where you deplete all your resources for a chance at one piece of gear you need for 6 cards. Wars happen twice a month, and Blitz wars where you can farm for cans are a dream, gone they way of the rotary dial phone…

Scopely dangles these offers out there, $3.99, $5.99, $9.99 for middling cans and archaic battle items made useless years ago…

What do we want? Routine, gear and decent prizes to mirror the effort required for these events.
What do we get? Crapshoot and crap.


Yeah, I caught the SR cans disappearing this morning. I needed 1 to finish, but 0 offers or bags in shop with 90 mins left in event. :disappointed:


There never is. They are preying on the people who just cant take the chance of not finishing or getting the score they want and wont risk it so they buy those offers knowing they won’t be there at the end.

Kinda hoping people are gonna go with better to have and not need then to need and not have.

You are right tho. Almost every tourney especially SR ive thought i could use a couple extra cans at the end and likely would have bought them to do what i wanted too. But right from the start? Not a chance i would always wait till the end with these tourneys.

Then again im never playing for a top spot in SR so the need at the start isnt there for me. Top 100 maybe top 10 one day. I couldnt imagine what people pay to top that list each and every tourney.


Buy the offers early and stack up? Take a tournament off and just use natural energy and go hard next tournament?


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