What's everyone doing now that we have down time?


I’m farming gear map for future shirts and the like. Accruing trainers for future level ups; I have a month stored away so far. And otherwise, just hitting up Territories whenever possible. This SR is on the back burner. I don’t need anything from it, except for practice.


Same as the last month or so… playing less and less, letting the addiction get out of my system so I can quit. Cold turkey is not my thing.


There was never really “up” time. Sadly the event wasn’t anything that was exciting besides a full road map with maps that were there for the entire event but completed. Taking space for things we really needed and wanted. Loved getting the dewhite and the gun but overall level of fun very low on the scale.


Playing a better game


Catching up on sleep,phone not always glue to my hand. Feels great! :slight_smile:


Getting my milestones, then studying for my exams. Screw this game, and going back on my gaming console. Quitting January 1st, if nothing changes. Some bs, they didn’t release new story missions. I’ll still come on the forums to see if shit got better though.


Hey wanna do something…lets destroy one part of our base each day. That way by the 1th of Jan we,Can officially be crack free.


Sounds like a plan.


Replaying AC Origins, even with war going on, time is near that I pack this game in and go back to my consoles full time :slight_smile:


Xbox had a deal for boarderlands 2 and pre sequel. So i said why not. Maybe some dead by daylight later.


Bought a 8 ball…trying see how long it takes to finish it.




Been using all the disposable cash I’m not spending on this game on Christmas presents, saving for a trip to Europe, and putting money aside to weather the impending recession


I’m playing LA Noire on PS4, also, back to continuing my Scoundrel story in SWTOR \o/


Working… Alot, overtime is plentiful. Also about to enjoy Dead rising 4. Waiting a year for an exclusive game should be illegal lol.




Collecting sea shells.


Doing the hoovering.


Visiting each of the continents.


Removing a hornet’s nest.