What's better? Ap when damaged or Ap when atk?

Just need to know. Thanks.

Depends if it’s offense or defense and what toon, ect not really a right answer. However most go for ap on attack


For my sc Andrea.

AP on defense then.

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Don’t put ap on a shield

The point of a shield is to stay as a shield, if they have maxed ar and ap when taking damage they they are no longer shielding your team


For sheilds and taunt toons ap on damage has value since you force them to be targeted.

Nearly all others consistency in rushing is more valuable (ie when attacking).

For SC Andrea, I honestly would go full tank cause making it work just right is hard to do. Ajax is a great example. Needs to be near death to get his rush to trigger. Goldilocks damage zone.

Since her weapon is not bound you can do whatever you want. Just remember on defense the sheild will only attack if co fused, taunted, or another sheild has shielded.

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Well i messed up then because I maxed her ar. :frowning:. Scopley can you help me reset my Survival Club Andreas ar?

They can reset her to 5* :rofl:

Lol they probably would do that. XD.

Also keep in mind defense makes you gain less ap when you have take damage ap gain. Thats why 40% hp and huge bonus is better than 40% def and huge bonus

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Even with max AR, still rare for her to go off. U less your using two shields on defense.

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Just give her a weapon with defense, hp, and 3rd special slot with defense, then she won’t go off for like 30 turns.

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I gave her abs def.

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Thank you everyone for helping me out. :smile:

Issue is this blocks ap gain. So it works again tthe ap gain when attacked.

Imo hp/def/ap gain.

Having her rush up is not a bad thing cause when she rushes she controls the enemy.

For others that only heal, I do not increase their rush.

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It took weeks to get ab def though, but I appreciate the tips. Maybe I should just do hp, def mods, abs def, and ap attack buff. Her hp ar is amazing. I will craft another yellow weapon after this and use your strategies. Main point is im trying to keep her alive as possible.

Not a bad build. When you get more abs Def you can always move this to other yellows. So not wasted. Just interim.

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Having high def or hp works against ap on damage too, since ap on damage is based off the % of max hp lost.

I.e. if I hit you for 500 damage and your max hp is 1000 then that’s 50% of your max hp, so you gain more hp vs. If your max hp was 2000 and I hit you for 500 damage, that’s only 25% of your max hp, like someone already said your toon would have to be near death for it to really work well, goldilocks zone :laughing:

I did get looped by an Ajax once. But switched teams and it no longer looped. Was disappointing. Thought someone had made the magic Ajax build.

On top of this is the defending 50% bonus and no bonus. 20% Gen bonus. Tower bonuses.

Not predictable

I agree with that point about her rush still controlling, so not the end of the world to have maxed it. It’s just a good approach to consider when wanting a shield to protect everyone else for as long as possible