What's an acceptable time for a useful legacy?

It’s now the first week of August. I was kinda thinking if one doesn’t drop this week then let the bitching begin. @GR.Scopely letter was six days ago so that would be about 2 weeks for a toon we know they already have the art done on. If they can’t do it in 2 weeks then I think they aren’t taking us seriously


One every 2 weeks is acceptable imo. One a week if they are being kind. After all they did promise a long time ago to make all 5 stars ascendable eventually. Doing 1 a week is the only way I can see them fulfilling that promise before we have holodecks on spaceships for our entertainment instead.


I don’t expect 1 a week. 2 a month by default, and occasionally some delay if they want to a drop a 3 in 1 type event like Xmas.

By keeping the quantity high, quality can vary. But if quantity is 1 a month+ low, quality should be top notch


to be honest all 5* should have been realeased as ascendables by now


Lol, how many 5*s are there?

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1 every 2 weeks at the absolute minimum; 1 a week is pushing it considering Scopes track record with legacies so every 2 weeks is achievable imo.

They’ll probably release it in gen 1 state.

2 a month would be nice can’t see it thou

2 a month shouldnt be too much to ask for they roll out these new promos every week if they put even half the work they do for that into legacies we’d be cooking with propane

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Haha true, I’m just attempting to bring back the memory of that promise now that they are making others.

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@LadyGeek mentioned a while back she was keeping a list. It would absolutely be worth posting and tracking the gaps!


They never promised the legacy’s would be useful though :frowning:

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The oldest trick in the book…



I like how you add the worst ‘useful’ in. I would say once a month. I could see 2 legacy’s a month… maybe but with one being useful and one being ‘less useful’.

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Yeah, like it was with Sawyer…

Yes there are a lot of 5* to get through & yes a lot were trash as 5* so group them all together & dump them out as trash ascendables. But there were still a lot of good 5*’S & when they release a 5.5* instead of a 6* it just makes people more p1ssed off.

Well developing a game myself (like this one)The in game art is taking quite some time to finish.
But I did see some Shield Lee leaks on vk.
I think he should be done by now?

About a year ago, or now. That’ll be nice too

1 a month would be acceptable if there was a ftp friendly event going on alongside it that guaranteed a toon (a login stash or raid event similar to sandy/ bruce etc - NOT an rng dominated event).

Failing a ftp event there should be 2 a month.

I agree we need to be seeing one pop up very soon though as a gesture to show they are recognising what we are pleading for and will start delivering promptly