What's a military map?


No maps for Ascendence medals or Legendary medals but hey, here’s a war can - go wild.


At least this map gives a very scare war refill in time for a war we have it may not be a legendary gear map but its a step in the right direction


A war for no prizes


This would be so much better if its farmable. And why one. Ew… give us at least 4 lol.


so 52 world refill energy (supposing it’s incremental 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) in exchange for 4 war energy.


114 war cans here. Keep your single can ya greedy bastards :joy:


I’m excited


Hell yeah! I’ve just went up to 116. Was 94 before the blitz. Nice to see cans droppin nicely.


I have 4 fills… but I never have fills I use more than i could ever get back in drops.


I noticed that they’ve been dropping better as well


Finished off 26 cans better off :blush: hoping to burn and collect a few for this weekends war :wink:


Stop posting all these images of 100+ cans. You’ll make Scopely think we’re all like that and they’ll nerf drops again!


Oh my God I never thought about that when everybody’s to joyous over something they may think they went a little too far that’s funny s***. Wait a minute do they do that in Reverse when we scream about something they’ve done hmmmm…


I got 3 left after the last 2 blitz sooooo


Anyone know when this map is gonna drop? The roadmap is so damn empty. A farmable gear map would be amazing, but I’ve asked @kalishane if we could get one for the last two weekends. Tell live ops I have cans waiting for it please lol.


Needs nerfing lol



I’ve got up to 19 from 11 for this blitz and I feel stacked for the weekend (not that war is long enough to need many cans anyway)


341… there’s no way you burn a can every match… what are you saving them for?


All those cans of fuel, it’s like he’s saving for the Zombie apocalypse.



No way. The whales spend them… these high totals in my experience are from lower factions who are f2p. The same person usually gets mvp in four hits against the top factions. They accumulate a lot of them through activity. In the upper factions it’s harder to keep a high count like that because there are hour battles and the mvps generally get passed around.