What's a good weapon for koa


What’s a good weapon for koa? I know green is the worst for defensive weapons so what’s the best for him? 35% def 30% Hp and bonus def?


AP down. Make them pay when they are forced to hit the shield. Then def and hp so he lasts.


Yep, Ap down, hp & def, or even just def :man_shrugging:t2:


That’s what I use on him.


I like that one


I’ve been trying for AP down on a defensive oar for months with no luck,

Got shit loads of stun & AD but AP down still eludes me. Have one AP down sword but still has attack on it & not that effective.

Really disappointed with Koa though, he’s a poor mans Jesus/Magna & sadly I’m a poor man :persevere:


That’s the only one I’ve ever managed.


You may only have one, but I hate you a little bit for having it.


I feel ya. I’ve been the same with people landing green stun. Been trying for about 2 months for another. Sick of the sight of bonus crit & bleeding :joy:


I got koa from 3 year ani :frowning:


i got my from the rts tokens


Yes as everyone said ap down is generally better than def bonus above 60% just to mess with AR timings


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