Whatever happened to tt events?

havnt seen them in while~

you know the special territories get unlocked and you have to guard it for rewards

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Limited time special tts. They give neat prizes every hour and a prize for hilding it when the time is up. Its a very good event and therfor not hardly used.


Thats like your opinion man.


No thanks! So we can have constant crashing trying to get 1 lilth for holding it for a day, no thanks! Fix the crashing which is on scopelys end, it is their fault, not our devices and then maybe territory events will be fun, i miss the tt wars of ole


Aw, I thought you were talking about TellTale events. Boo!


Same here
(Telltale fans will remember that)


No pal it is more the same equal rights and all

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Be really nice if they run one of these event during crw all the big boyos panicing trying to do both lol would be meyhem lol what ever you do scopley dont do this lol insert evil laugh here

Not really. Their mother values my opinion more. Its not a big deal.


They will most likely be skybound events since skybound now owns what was once telltale games. But they wont have that telltale special edition prefix under their name but probably skybound games edition. this is pure speculation tho nothing im saying is confirmed

Whatever happened with any actual events, all we have now is some grind fests in a shape of level ups back to back without a gear to use and generic roadmaps without any signs of a plot, random whale team that I get to face every second raid and every war I get into


Your revolution is over , Mr. Ebenezer. Condolences. The bums lost.

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Dear god NO
Territories are bad enough without adding that to the issue , fix the outstanding issues then maybe consider bringing it back

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I really liked those special territories.

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Ok,I’ll let you have your opinion.Not going to argue with you like the rest of the people in this thread

i concur…
we used to get variety of events and small events like blitz and tt mid week to make it interesting, but now all we get are the same old copy/paste events.

Can we bring some of these events back to add some variety? or perhaps create new small events?

Game is becoming very stale doing the same thing over and over while slew of bugs are still not being addressed.

Whether you allow it or not, it’s still my opinion :joy:

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I guess I’ll allow it.This time


Maybe in your own eyes but nearly no one finds it worthwhile. :man_shrugging: