What you should have done Scopely since the Gear Map was delayed but NOPE


Gear map gets delayed over 2 hours which in the end now makes it to where we will need 1 maybe 2 refills to complete it (depending how much you can play). Knowing how scopely is I highly doubt an automated system became… un-automated but that is a whole another conspiracy theory for another topic… So why not give the players a free energy can as compensation for the screw up?



Free can, compensation…lol

From scopely…lol


Any other company would have given a minimum of 1 energy can.


Fixed. Enjoy.


Lol compensation for a screwup that is a foreign consept to scopely ¿?¿???


I started playing Lords Mobile to get a Tapjoy offer (which worked without any issues btw) which I have continued playing and I keep finding myself surprised when I get compensation for errors, maintenance etc. I should realise that this is the norm, not the exception!


Thay must think we are a bunch of Oliver twists when we ask for them to fix there screwups and compensation for it. MORE MORE :cold_sweat: