What you say about this?


@kalishane We can have a leaderboard with all factions?pls.


I will add it, thank you!

I believe we’ll be adding in a few new leaderboards in the future.

To clarify, you want a leaderboard to see where your faction ranks against others or a leaderboard to see where you rank in your faction?

Thank you!


The first, war scores would be awesome ranking, since rep is meh


I want a rank to see where is my faction against the others…and if you can put to see where i am in comparation with all players from the game i will be glad but i am sure is hard :slight_smile: but i think if we can seen the others factions and players we can be more motivated…or idk but this i think.i really want to see where is situated my faction in a global leaderboard.


More stats and leaderboards is something I always wanted more of. Im a stat nut.