What wrong with 5* tier 4 Vincent Stats

I have a Vincent and he is a damage toon any ways his attack stat is in the 600s what wrong with that

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I would imagine very little thought went into the 5* version of the legendary toons because they aren’t really designed to be an epic toon, that’s just a gateway to the 6*.

606 + 400% damage to three enemies with a very fast AR would have been good in the 5* days.


I agree but why is his attack stat less then a 4* toon and the rest are better then a few level 80 5* I have and he isn’t close to level 80 yet. I think they messed up and should fix the attack at least bump it up to 700s I’m going make him a 6* but shouldn’t be the excuse for him been that lol of attack stat but that is my opinion

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He is meant to be a meat shield without the shield aspect. His role should be changed to punching/meatbag, since he hits like pillow.


His attack is low because his other stats are high. He’s only marked as a damage toon because of his rush. In practice, he’s more of just a meaty light-attacker toon

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Just slap an Ice Climbing Pick with bonus def and you got a semi-tank with a fast and hard-hitting AOE rush. He may not be perfect but we can always make him better.

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He could have 1 on every stat. Noone uses 5* anymore. ¯\(ツ)

I on have 3 6* and there is plenty of uses for them but I love Vincent he is a great too regarding his attack I was wrong his AR makes up for it by far

I do still.

I still do.