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Wednesday at around noon I played on my son’s tablet. He had beta version. He left. My phone didn’t have the update. I immediately tried to join and it said Google plus is now closed. I messaged scopely and they sent me to the same link of Google plus being closed. Update happened for everyone late last night. I have my game back. But i pointed out that i couldn’t do SR hardly at all. Just started last night. Couldn’t do the gear roadmap. Couldn’t raid or hit territories regularly. Was only able to get 240k on last level up cuz 50 minites left. I said maybe a little compensation might be in order for me to at least finish milestones for SR. And maybe just milestone rewards for level up is all. Because I do spend money with you guys sometimes. And look at my last raid, sr, and level up. Literally all last ones. There is no question I would have hit my milestones. I will post screenshots.Screenshot_20190321-110950_LINE Screenshot_20190321-204835_LINE


I am the superior Apple iOS master race. Now bow to me


No…the android supreme chancellor rulesI all!!


This was there response. Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for playing.

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But it’s the link Scopely sent me to fix the problem. Their solution didn’t work. Not my fault. Thanks for playing

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Do people actually read what I post previously, as I said that before, or do they just want to come here to shut people down?

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White knight strikes again with his helpful tips.
As far as compensation dont expect it. Even when there have been game wide issues that caused problems money related for some its rare that they compensate anything close to what you put in if any at all. I had a friend who had all her inbox rewards after war including crates disappear. Scopley acknowledged that she never collected them but told her there was nothing they could do besides give her 2000 5* tokens and 200 depot points. She got none of her milestones or the reward given which was much greater.

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Thank you. That was actually helpful and informative. Again thank you

Just prepare urself that about half the replies u get will be either someone trolling or something that has nothing to do with your post. Its unfortunately how the forums are lol
Scopley often will acknowledge a problem but that’s all they will do.

Lol. This is my first online game and chatroom ever. Only been playing a year. I honestly didn’t know what the term troll meant till this game. I put 2 and 2 together lol

Be careful around here, there is someone named High_Power, they always post anime and steal all the Arizona Teas

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I always wondered what was in the war energy refill cans and now I know…

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