What would you do differently?

A thought experiment I’m interested in the diversity of answers to:
If you could, say, buy out this app game, what would you do differently than scopely?

Personally here’s what I’d do initially:
Eliminate Negan’s red card entirely. Compensate players who bought him by giving them their money back.
Rebalancing of character cards: make a total stat range (within 200 points) and make sure stats of all legendary cards fall within this range. This would also have a limit to the maximum stat that can be in a single stat, say 1700 max defense for example.
Eliminate duplicate legendary cards on the same team: you won’t be allowed 2 of the same legendary card on the same team.
Make everything cheaper/accessible to f2p. You can buy stuff if you want, but also include doable ways to grind it out to obtain those cards.
Compensate players for changing cards and rebalancing.
Allow emojis/stickers in chat.

A lot of these would be difficult to accomplish as existing code can be very frustrating and impossible to manipulate, as any data assimilater might attest to. But Ive played this game for over 4 years, and do care about the state and longevity of it. It’s in the wrong hands however, and think that a player owned and operated game would be so much better. Or it might be a headache, what are your thoughts if you care to share?


What would I do? First off, no free stuff, you gotta work for it, I absolutely hate beggars. Of course, I’d make it a reasonable amount of effort for the rewards. (Inb4 LOOOL SCOOPLOOP DON’T GIVE FREE STUFF XD)

I’d make sure there is balance in the game (maybe one F2P character for every 2 or 3 P2W characters.

I would also get rid of this trend of collecting several items towards a goal. Too much micro management involved and that’s no fun (in my opinion)

Maybe one of my favorite ideas: have “fanservice” characters that the community wants to see, maybe a poll on who to add to the game next, maybe even some new Aikos every other day.


Wipe everything, delete 6*s
Game was better back during 5 star era

Keep mods, but make it free to move them around

Give people purchasable toons instead of based on chance, releasing 1 f2p toon then 1 p2p toon back and forth so the playerbase doesnt fu#king die

Remove 1* weapons and 1* toons

Give actual toons as war rewards instead of sh#t token wheels, unique rewards are a huge reason people used to play

Don’t monetize every aspect of the game.

Add trading, along with a good anti cheat to keep VK toons out of the game

Real time raiding between faction mates

Fix territories


Looool ScoopLoop dont give free stuff XD


i would shut the game down entirely and laugh at people who would have anger attacks because they cant log in to their beloved game which they spend thousands of dollars at…


just kidding :rofl:


My perfect rts: remove aiko



Love your thoughts and High Powers on this :hugs:Anything is better than now :+1:


In the players hands would be bad, cause power corrupts and not everyone likes/needs/wants the same thing and the game would be stuck in a stalemate which i have seen with another game where the devs would go back and forth based on feedback and it stalled the game for a whole year, H1Z1 when Sony used to run it. So some kinda devs/publisher needs to run it, a gamer tho, someone who games and also like TWD. Need to find a balance between gaming, fun, etc and business. That being said some things i would do would be

Redo roadmaps, i would combine gloves and shirts, survivors, food and gear into one roadmap, mon - fri, farmable. Combine workshop, weapon parts/armory, wood into one roadmap, mon - fri, farmable. Combine XP and ascend medals into one roadmap, held everyday. I liked Sunday stories and over the weekend would do something like that, energy cans can be had from this. Bronze and silver radios would be able to trade in, so like 3 bronze radios for silver and 2 silver for gold, all mods and mod scraps.

Town, increase the town to level 30, opening up the rest, increase everything as is to match the level increase so more food and wood production, more stuff to craft in armory like confuse or taunt, etc. Scrap the scav camps and redo from ground up since “those devs are no longer working there” have some customization, the f.lag on the town could be your nations f.lag or faction icon which brings me to also giving a lot more, maybe 20 new faction icons.

Scrap territorys since “they are crashing cause its our devices probelm” :roll_eyes: have where it was faction based, meaning your faction is the only one who can see the territorys, this would solve the crafting, walkering, etc every once and awhile walkers will just take over tho and walkers will be a lot stronger and also will be teams on some like Alexandria would have maybe Carl and Rick on a team while the Kingdom has Shiva and Zeke, i dont wanna list every territory but their would be similar ones we have now but buffed and new ones, a buffed one would be being able to use a polishing kit and take crit territorys and get 100% crit.

New museum collections with a trade in feature, trade in X and get X amount of lets say tokens to buy some toons, not all toons tho but relevent ones to make teams like Carl or Andrea or Erika, etc

New side missions and achievements and increase level cap, these would continue to be added every so often.

Leagues, decrease the timer to maybe 2 days. Decrease the cost of tokens to buy things. Add energy cans like SR, war, raids, etc and add trainers like Lilths, Ulyses, Bennidicts, and ascend medals, etc. Make sure the season league toon is relevent to the meta and not handicapped, not op but something that really will help all players like Charlie, even whales got Charlie or Shawn or Nik, etc. No more Leons! Bring back unique weapons unless that toon has a bound weapon, have 1 season exclusive so it could be focused more, have 2 ascendables that can pair with that toon, i am all about people being able to build a team so if you have lets say a season exclusive that is a green and red lead, the 2 ascendables would be green and red. The 5* would stay with 3 of them.

Run events a bit different, level up and sr would be mon - fri, 5 days and the weekends would be for raids, hordes and war. Increase the milestones to make sense cause it bothers my ocd like in level up we go from 1.75 mil to 2.1 mil, i would do increments of 250k till about 5 mil then it would since to 500k increments. Better rewards overall esp for war, war being the main event in this game would bring back war exclusive toons or even war exclusive weapons, this would bring comp. No more faction level ups and sr. No more AOW. No more onslaught. Hordes would stay and crw would be lowered back to 8 regions.

Transfers would not be locked but i would increase the cooldown timer maybe a month is good.

Rep would mean something, what would you get? Not sure but either make it worth something or scrap it all together, as of now it just sits there.

Token wheels would include many more acsendables and 4* would be removed from promo wheels and prestige tokens as well as 1* and 2* from things like helper tokens. Elite item would be split into 2 wheels, one for gear and one for trainers, reduce the cost to 1k tokens. Reduce the cost of all wheel tokens but prestige, add 6* to prestige.

Return coins to leagues like was before but the higher you are so rank 1 in gold will get more than rank 5 and rank 5 will get more than rank 8, etc.

Get better support, get better CMs, people like @LadyGeek would be someone i would hire, they are smart, knowledge about the game and care about the state of it.

Hold region tournaments in a way to TOC but i would do it dif and hold WOC like was the 1st time, these would be held once a year to see who is the best region and best faction, these would be separate events, WOC would have to transfer to a region for it like before.

Be transparent, up front and honest with the players, tell them things like this is exactly how the event will go down, this is a f2p event or a p2p event, this is exactly what is needed to do it, etc. Tired of the guess work we have to do.

Slay Tapjoy, cut its damn head off and put something else in place to earn coins, videos would be increased to like 10 or 25 coins per vid, not this 3 as it is now.

Daily, weekly and monthly solo and faction events.

League based war, i feel like onslaught was trting to be that but it failed, back to the drawing board but no one wants to war with whales and just be stomped and feed them, they preach competition so give them that, something would have to be done so when in war lets say you are rank 50, you dont get matched with rank 1 every time.

Mods, mods can be exchanged like radios for higher mods. Increase the mod scrap limit and wood limit by a big amount. Yes people things are limited by space, code. But the 130k scraps would be something like 5 mil.

Roster, trainers would stack and have thier own roster as well as 6* have their own roster from 5*, 4*, etc.

Survivors club decreased to $20 a month. Increase the roster space by another 1k. No weapon parts needed in crafting, if using a polishing kit, you will get 100% crit. Add coins. Add a roadmap that would give trainers, gear, etc. Weapon crafting and building upgrade times reduced. World and territory energy refill time sped up. Allow the free daily pulls to stack for at least a month.

New faction assault, first you wont be competting against you own faction! Same rewards across the board once you reach a certian amount of points, t7 and t8 Negan. Whispers or Gov would be a good new boss.

New supply depot. Supply depot would have toons, 4*, 5*, ascendable and a 6*. World, territory, raid, horde and war energy cans. Gear depot would have trainers also and have gloves and shirts all the way to gps and canteens and also would put ascend medals here and increase the amount you can get. SR would have SR cans, med kits, sr tokens, etc. FA would have exclusive FA toons and weapons for those toons unless that toon has a bound weapon.

Ascendance medals, only gold would be needed for a 6*, the silver medals for 5*, 4* etc. Increase the amount that can be had from rewards from events.

Get rid of chat bot.


One big change I would make is no duplicate characters.


Easy to say no duplicate characters when your not actually invested. You would basically be cutting your profits by about 30-40%.

One easy change right now would be to release ten legacies toons.

Also, the Elle card is ten times worse than Negan imo. I would erase her and Pete and scrap the S class.


I like some of my dupes tho like 2 bryans behind kenny is great for farming and sr

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She is so much worse than Negan! And how do you feel about vet rings since you dont like s-class?

Yea they need to stop all that. The game cannot experience another reset. Players are already leaving. If they reset everyone rosters again, it will be a death sentence for most imo.


Oh well, I’d rather have to change tactics for SR a little bit and use different characters rather than have to face teams with 2-3 of whatever brand new op toon 3 out of 4 matches each war.

That can be separate from sr or farming. War and raid defense team is marked by the little green shield, wouldnt be hard to implement a no dupe just for that.

That would only work if you could only buy the dupe with like supply depot points or something. If they left the ability to pull duplicates people would rightly complain if they couldn’t use them on their team.

If the game had been built from the ground up with no dupes you wouldn’t miss them.

Could be a long one :joy:

  • Fire Everyone with zero Severance packages! Then hire ppl who actually play and love games.

  • Release Faction Town with a communal training ground that lets the faction Craft toons that can’t be found anywhere else that require them to craft the gear needed to level them.

  • Increase pull odds to atleast a full Percentage

  • Release a large crop of Legacy toons say 8 to 10 then Release 2 to 3 legacy toons a month

  • Release Promo toons to the general population after a month to a month and half via a event Wheel. Then via 5* tokens.

  • Get rid of S class

  • Revert Gear Maps back to the old farmable versions.

  • Balance out the entire game

  • Overhaul the Armory with new stats

  • Fix Territories Crashes

  • Add More Player Profile Levels every 6 months

  • Increase Town Hall level which would Open the rest of the Town

  • Refresh all Wheels every few months

  • Hire actual ppl for in game support, that will actually listen and try to solve all issues raised. Would also give them the power to compensate ppl for our screw ups

  • Put Coins back in Leagues!

  • Go Back to Two Leagues Exclusive toons

  • Increase the amount of specialized leagues toon gear available for purchase.

  • Decrease the amount of level ups

  • Increase Prestige Level

  • Increase daily prestige points the longer the login streak

  • Add more slots to the supply depot

There’s A Lot more but I didn’t want to make it too big of a post lol


First of all important tasks I would do this with their servers…:joy:

Too much to write but all my pass post can explain it.