What would make you quit this game? - Questionare

Heya survivors, I just wanted to hear what would make all of you quit, what would tick you over?
No one is immune to the rage this game brings. I thought I was gonna be here until the end now I doubt I will.
Doesn’t have to be brief, feel free to analyze how you feel.

Maybe death? Looool

Tbh nothing can make me quit cause playing it casually, not being extremely serious about things. Kinda like life, if you take your life way too seriously you’re bound to get stressed and have extreme thoughts. Survival is easy when you go with the flow and enjoy the moments and what you have. As cheesy as it may sound lool


Game is just out of control with power creep. I dont see how they can turn it around. When it becomes too much of a chore to war I’ll be done and it is close now.


I will continue to play with it be competitive or casual until the game either ceases to exist or I ceased to exist. I still find it fun and yes sometimes battling some of these silly teams in wars makes me rage. But I do not nitpick and look for reasons to hate something.


I kicked it around several times in the past (I’ve played almost since day 1), but the past 2 wars have about done it for me.

I’m not FTP, but I’m not putting in my life’s savings, either. All that being said, my teams aren’t bad. The last 2 wars, though, wow. Five times this past weekend my entire team was taken out in round #1. I mean, I do my initial hits, blink, and all my guys are dead, and I’m running a reasonable S9+ team. That didn’t “glitch” once. That happened about five times. Way more than that, I was dead by round #2.

Even worse were games when I’d watch 3 or 4 turns just go by with my whole team either stunned, confused, or taunted. While it DID only happen once, in this particular match I got down to three people by round #2, and then I literally watched for the rest of the match till it timed out. They couldn’t kill me, BUT I never got control again the rest of the match.

I’ve had frustrating times in the past, but the last 2 wars have been over the top. So, tomorrow I’m cancelling my 2 pay options and getting off this game. I’m looking at my line up and toons I have coming up, and comparing them to the toons I’m fighting against, and I have nothing even close. And there is so little chance of getting one high end toon much less a team of them like I see others have, I see no point in continuing.


S+ Class


Bucket being empty is the end for me.


Decap resist when that comes I’m officially done


I think we can all agree decap resist or override is a no go so coming soon Frankenstein specialist skill…

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A ban perhaps


Most of us are here until the game gets shut down or we get a perm ban lol


I know a few people seriously considering quitting due overlapping faction events the entire time wave 3 is open for transfers. Sure you can transfer but it seems you can’t transfer a faction. Feels like a huge screw you.

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I’ll add on to this, does anyone want to quit more after the introduction of platinum mods?
When will diamond mods come?

It’s really nothing that hasn’t been done since the game started. People look for any reason to complain even when they know it’s going to happen now and again. If the game is not fun anymore and it’s time to go. I have not reached that point.

Waiting for five star weapons. So all the crafting you have done now is worthless.


A 5th ban…hell…it would still keep me playing…

nothing. at. all.

Being permanently imprisoned in whale 1 region.

It would probably be when I finish the original museum collections. But since they were designed to never be finished, I guess I’ll stick around to warn people.

They are. I somehow have never had common af toons like Kenny, Green Dwight, Command Jesus, etc.

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