What would genuinely make me happy

I saw another thread about this and wanted to further elaborate what I feel about it. Someone mentioned making a 5s region or something of the sort. I would love something like this. It’s like how people are with video games and TV shows. Modern stuff is fun, but everyone knows they get that urge to pull out the n64 and pop in Mario. Or put on boomerang and watch the classics. Arenas old school is a nice idea. I have tons of 5s, and for those that don’t, they’ve been made pretty available that it wouldn’t take too long to replenish. We’ve already got the weapons (as proven by the fact that most new toons come with bound weapons, need that duct tape for something…). And there are so many varied toons already that there wouldn’t need to be any upkeep. 6s will still being coming out for the other regions, and they’ll have their 5s counterparts for us, so still get new toons as an option. But alot of people don’t like all the new mechanics. This removes most of the pain of those. People can actually enjoy making new teams again. Just think about it at least…

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Only new teams for a bit. Scopely aren’t going to keep making new 5*s. All the events would have to be changed and altered to remove 6*+ prizes. Ultimately I think some people would get bored quick after 5*s only for a bit. Arenas was a nice compromise imo

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