What would be next big event

after the last major event (faction assault event) what do you think will be the next one? if any lol

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Tell tell games final season event.

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Maybe a Rick and Douglas event.


If they do make an easy f2p event then they’ll probably make them weak 6 stars to compensate.

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How about a GHOSTONMETOAST and a High_Power Event?


Did someone say aiko giveaway event?

I didn’t hear anything

Well yeah otherwise we’ll get raided. Can’t mention the weeb character to the popo

I’d be all in for that event.

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  • 1600 Damage
    1435 Defence
    2500 Health
    Adrenaline Rush:
    No Anime! Up to two weaboos get 1000 maim,And 100% heal reduction all other enemies get 150 % damage.This character gets anime shield for 3 turns.
    Leader skill:None
    Specialist skill:Anime Destroyer All weaboos take 40% extra damage
    Active Skill: All teammates get anime shield for 2 turns.
    And yes I have a life.


Trait: Alert
Specialist skill: Weeb, when landing a critical hit, affect opponent with Satania’s curse for 3 turns.

1,200 Attack
3,300 Defense
1,900 Health

Leader skill: All Aiko’s, Yumiko’s, and @GHOSTONMETOAST gain 45% HP and Attack.

Adrenaline Rush: Power of Anime, Deal 150% Damage, 900% Anime damage, and Stun for 3 turns to 4 enemies, all teammates gain 60% Bonus HP.

Active Skill: Blessing of Anime, all teammates gain 30% Bonus HP and 500% Anime Knowledge.

Yes, the character design is basically Tohru from Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid.


Replica anime sword
+30 virginity
A minor bonus to ap when taking damage
At the beginning of each wave, all teammates get -10 dignity


I’d pull for that

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yooooo that would actually be cool

i know.Thats why i want it :smile:

A new 6* Clementine and AJ? :open_mouth:

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I REALLY WANT 6* Lily and 6* Aj.And F2P TTG event…Not like last one…Only premier shit recruits like violet,Lois,Clem…That was HUGE dissapointment with that 6* shit style,stats,rush character.I mean i LOVE LEE but…I really want to see GOOD ttg event like one with Trip last year(i dont remember correctly)i see this event like pick your side(that was awansome event) or Pick your path(not bad but not really great) i see this event with 5 characters to chose:
HS jesus
6* Lilly (old 5* legacy)
New Clem
Thats how i see it.


Yeah Lilly definitely deserves to be a 6* there even if I hate her lol. Abel too is one of the most important there, maybe Minerva? But Definitely Clem and A.J

But I think we are hyping ourselves without any reason haha.

@Big_Chim remember high power is alert so his gun would be a replica of the laughing reaper

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To the staff, I apologize for my post.

I shouldn’t have posted it.