What witch craft is this!

So I can’t collect tickets today that is fair enough I shall acccept the message and click o.k

However there is a get more option …

However if I click this will there be a TARDIS effect, will I fly through space and time 24 hours so I can collect more tickets? To be honest not going to risk it!

That said I am sure this is just a bug

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This isn’t a bug. That message pops up when you completed your daily maximum tickets. It resets after the time runs out.

get more is defiantly a bug, unless you know time travel button

The get more is going to be where you can BUY additional tickets, mark my words.


Don’t give em ideas Brian lol, although I fear you may indeed be correct

Oh i already know i am right. Watch and see, its on its way soon.

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You’re spot on Brian, I’m sure it will be in the next update.