What will the future of the subscription hold?

After you acquire 6* t4 Andrea will there be another exclusive toon to earn? I know myself a daily pull and 2x food and wood isn’t enough to justify the cost.

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It will be the same for years, welcome to scopely innovation.


Im loving it so far. Extra food, and wood really help. I needed food badly to reach milestones and it helped me out. I also wanted Andrea and the weapon benefits. I wish it did have higher rates to pull toons though, but hey Im thankful. I have a good job, and $25 is nothing. I’d continue till Andreas levelled up. :blush:.


Idc if people hate the club, Im happy with it so far. Have a good day.


I’m talking after she is maxed will you keep it?

I know I won’t be unless there’s something after

I won’t be keeping after she is maxed

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