What will become of them?

It’s rare that I forget to do something, but I’m curious to see what will become of the banana splits…supply depot points? Another screw up and coins? Or will they be lost like it seems to go lately with the things we grind for now…I hope the chihuahuas are hungry!!:joy:

We can all rest easy knowing our precious fluffy good bois got banana splits

This was the true Christmas event


That’s the spirit!! :joy::joy::joy:

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They are clearly the topping for our Chihuahua’s! I’ve still got stuff in my inventory from a couple of years ago, use them as a momento from events past!

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All museum collectibles (and special roadmap energy etc.) go to the secret inventory. They are still there, you just can’t see them (but support can, so ask them if you want to know how many you have). If they every get reused, they will come back.

Only tokens from recruits & rewards get converted into anything when their wheel/stash expires.


I think I’ll message and ask how many I have of each item and take screenshots…just for fun. That way if things become usable, I’ll know how many I have exactly if each. Lol

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