What will be the daily login event in February?

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Will it be an ascendable or gear or ?

New ascendable, toon with active skill disarm and AR revive + bonus hp 100%.


Something i wont need nor want.

We are in luck. Next month will be nonstop level ups with no sign of a gear event. I for one cant wait to log in everyday to get some of that


Login reward is that you have been given the honor of playing this time game.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see no login event at all.

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Log in everyday and the 30th day get a burt


A dangling carrot


Minus 50 coins per login ala League Season 3 style.

We didn’t have anything on Jan, don’t think we will get something in Feb tbh

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u forgot shield, fail
and bounded weapon, new 5 star, with stun on attack and def, impair on att and def, abs def, ap down and super huge ap on att and def

Demi god toon

weak by March, with 7vstars coming in

Probably Green Beta or some other similarly useless toon

scopley bots plz come and demoralize prople here

the next log will be red Caroline

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