What we have learned from the last crw


Hello there,

First at all: The war events (crw, blitz, norm) are the best ideas in the whole game. But there is a lot things, that improved the game without getting boring from time to time:

  • The main reason why I posting the thread is, you have to make more 6*. Erika or Carl lead Teams only? Come on Scope. We need more varity and that soon as possible. Many good players/payers (from our server Lee) you have lost sadly, because of that :confused: F. e. build up more the old 5 stars to 6. They don’t need a new design or something like that. A little colour changing here and there and its done…

  • Erika / Carl brings me to the next step. Meanwhile the 2 Chars are responsible to built up a good defensive and/or offensive team. When I take a look to the new players/factions they don’t even have a good chance to get them. Stashes or a new wheel with the essential Toons.

  • We don’t need a new ui, new graphics or something like that. Please, please… there are sooo many things… so many construction sites of bugfixing that you have to finished yet. I know, it is difficult for a small programming team to fix all the bugs we have reported. But one question: Why you make new doors open for new bugs or getting old fixed bugs back? Sorry, I don’t understand that point. There are many many good threads with a lot of possible changes. Take a intensive look and try to realize the things first before getting new ideas (ok… there are very good things what you have done/fix so :wink: )

  • Transparency. Ok, that is a problem what the most games have. The news outpot is very very vague and that’s don’t helping. Give us a few ideas what you planing/working, discuss more with us and the most peoples are happy. To be a part of the progress its the magic word.

  • Toon updating/bugfixing and so on. In my opinion there is something, what make me upset.

  • More and more balancing in everything… F. e. stun procs very often so crit procs not (i know. you have nerfed this). In my opinion it must be the oppisite of that because you can ‘push-your-luck’ with the critical bonus values.

  • Pull changes. Yes, the most of us appreciate the wheel updates you have done. But you have promised that we have more varietys of toons we have pulled. I don’t mean the (very very low) odds. One of us pulled 2 Shivas very close together and count it to 4, 3 Carls, and so on.

At least, sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand what i mean :slight_smile: It is still a good game.

Greetz from Germany (Lee)



I’d say almost none of this is exclusive to CRW but agree with it 100%.


Yup Erika and Carl teams where all the rage. If the team had prefect weapons I just fled. No point in prolonging the fight if going to get beat up.

True to form scopee always releases new skills to top tear and the skill never makes it down the line.


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