What was Trainer Gate?

I know what Andrea Gate was but i never understood what trainer gate is, i hear people mention it all the time, can someone please explain?

somebody should name all gates and explain what every was about. like i dont know what the gate with chonne heads was about.


I don’t remember Michonne-gate all that well, but I remember it was the first real event where scopely screwed us with RNG. Basically there were players who were ■■■■■■■■ and grinding like crazy for a Negan in the museum only to be screwed over by not being able to get the last piece, a Michonne head.

Wendy-gate was the time that instead of Christmas ornaments for a museum collection, blitz battles were dropping 50-ish 4 star Wendy’s. This was when 5 stars were pretty hard to come by so the ones who depoted her in time got a pretty steep advantage.

Trainer-gate is when the turkey roadmap was pumping out crazy amounts of Lilliths as a bug, so scopely fixed it quick to make sure we would still buy Liliths.

I definitely forgot some, there’s a new scandal every month!


But it didn’t get rolled back, so good for those who got something out of Scopely for free, ps I didnt

And I’ve already used a crap ton.

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Trainer-gate happened the day before Andrea-gate. It’s where scopey made a boo-boo and gave everyone running the turkey roadmap a ton of really great trainers like Lilith, Uly, Aden, and more.

Sadly it has been fixed so when you get enough cans of beans (not cranberry sauce…go figure) and trade for that turkey all you will get are a few 2 and 3-star trainers. Whammy. :frowning_face:

To be precise.

Every running of the map with 2x drop leads was equal to that end of season trainer crate.

Oooo when it feels so good it burns


That must have been nice. I tried to get our crappy region to drop d so we could all get the cans and grab a turkey before it got fixed and they would do it. Smh.

How many times were you able to run it with the available wood?

Crazy that they literally did nothing bout this

Yep because they seem to want to sell 2 Liliths for 15 bucks. This did impact their bottom line. Seems way more costly over 4 months of the club. Hell I was gonna keep the 1st month for the pulls up until they snatched her.

Then replaced my Benedicts with far more useless Brady’s. The only good thing about this is they came in crates so it did free up some much needed room in my roster. I also didn’t use any Uly’s so got 8 of him for “free”.

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I just did a dozen or so. Wood had to come from the store though.

I did see a screenshot from a players at over 4k roster. Not in my faction but I’m assuming it was atleast 2 full factions worth of drop leads used.

Jebus! Guessing they didn’t roll this back because they would have to go through everyone’s game individually and you know they don’t have the manpower to do that.

Snatching one toon from everyone and then just replacing it with a fresh one was probably fairly easy to do.

It’s funny how they don’t bother to test anything out. They only find out because people spill the beans over here on the forum.

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Wasn’t there a broken wheel gate?..
Right before they introduced 6 star ascendables, the wheel was spitting out 5 stars like crazy for a short time.
I remember that one and Lori gate too.


Yeah Viktorgate

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There was a massive thread cataloging all the -gates awhile back that I can’t find. Give me until the 12th, I can dig it up then (long story).

Don’t forget Pam-gate! That was the OG gate for me.

Michonne Gate was the nerf she got the 1st day after she came back on 2nd promo toon.
It was the time she was dealing insane amount of damage and let it be for more than a month prior putting her wheel again.
24hours later everyone tried to pull her, they “changed the wording” while nerfing/readjusting her damage.

@Katherine was right

I was almost fucked over bad by andrea-gate, i was about to use all i had to get her to 6* tier 4 but the ONLY thing that held me back was i had no leather gloves and had absolutely no way of obtaining them. thank god i didn’t.