What upgrades are you putting on Michonne’s Steyr Aug?


Trying to decide what to do on this next


+5 crítico bônus GG


I put 30 crit on mine and going for huge AR when attacking


Bonus crit from slayer 3 30% crit and huge ap


Either go for huge bonus to ap when attacking for slot 2, or +30% attack for slot 2, since that would make each rush hit (assuming she has max stats) hit with 7613 attack (x2 attacks). That’ll go really well with the crit bonus. Compare that to the 5,856 attack that each hit would be using if you don’t have that attack boost.

Then put her with a Dwight lead, and you’re looking at 10,658 attack per strike, with at least 66 crit bonus. And don’t forget you can have an attack boosting support toon on the team as well. By that point, every time you rush, you’ll be attacking twice and each of those 2 hits will have the power of 3 Andrea eagle eyes.

The third mod is up to you. If you’re not critting enough, it’ll be worth it to invest in +5 crit. If you’ve got crit going well for you already, add another +5% attack to bring your attack value with each strike up to 11,191.

If you’ve got unlimited resources for crafting and want to go for sheer damage output and don’t care about that confuse bonus (if you’re killing toons without fail with each hit, you won’t really need that confuse bonus except for when you attack normally), then it might be beneficial to look at trying to get +30 crit, +30% attack, and the double attack special ability so you can attack up to 4 times whenever you rush.


So you’re replacing confuse with Slayer 3? LOL ok.


Aiming for huge AP, 40 attack, confuse.


I think it’s also not a bad idea to buff up the attack.
I tested it out with mine and she has such a nice damage output with 40 atk. With Dwight as lead you usually get enough critical hits already. She is deadly against Erika teams for sure.
I think Bruce works better as a disarmer because you can give him a stun on attack weapon.
So going for full attack is not a bad way to go for her, even though I wanted to change her atk with crit at first too.


The weapon starts off with 30% atk in slot 1 so I’m not sure why anyone would waste a mod putting it back in another slot…

I’m guessing the main purpose of Michonne for most players is to counteract windowless Erika teams, and in that sense I don’t think atk is a great mod.
You want Erika disarmed so she can be used as an AP punching bag for your other toons. But combine atk from the weapon, the rush itself and (presumably) Dwight’s lead skill - most likely she’ll end up dead, and all your other teammates are left with are 4 other stun/impair toons to banjax themselves on. Add to that, most Erika teams are actually double Erika teams. So killing her with Michonne is even worse in that circumstance as she can be revived, rather than if Tyreese finished her. That said, she’s not going to be rushing T1 anyway so maybe it’s a moot point :thinking:

Her low def/hp is another thing to keep in mind, as I’ve seen a lot of yellow heavy teams of late (Maggie, Rick, Connor, Zeke etc) and even behind a Carl lead, if they have good attacking weapons and dogpile her she could be taken out early, especially with Dwight providing no cover.

So maybe 35 crit / huge AP? 35 crit / 30 def? 40 crit / med AP? Guess it all depends how you plan on using her, what leads you have etc.


I was planning on going +35% attack or +40% attack/ +35% crit or +30% crit/ confuse on attack.

Was deciding if I would abandon AP on attack, as I will only use her on attack and I don’t think AP on attack is desperately needed with her on attack.

Still undecided. Lol


Depends who’s the leader you’ll use the most to attack with.
If AP leader, 30crit 30att and +5% of your choice
If damage leader, 35crit huge AP
Of course, keep confuse when attacking


Better crit than confuse, that way disarm will hit at least 95% of the time, but if you want to keep confuse then keep it. Just said what im going for. Btw confuse doesnt go off all the time. Bonus 35% crti and 30 crit and bonus ap will


Im not going for a dwight lead since he only benefits blues. Staying with boobs lead.


35 crit and huge boost when attacking


I forgot it started with attack in slot 1! Yeah definitely just keep in on there instead of replacing it.


Mostly I’ll be putting blood splatter on, but probably some entrails too from time to time :frowning:

I didn’t get her and after only a few raids she makes me want to throw my phone


I’m leaving 30 atk, adding hopefully 35 crit and obviously bonus crit. I’m using her behind dwight lead with alpha, siddiq and ty. My region is full of stun and impair weapons, so I need to build the weapon around her disarming skill.




This cause her rush just destroys everyone and disarm is a nice bonus action


Outta your whole entire mind with that one.