What type of towers do you prefer for war?

Interested in the communities opinion so the developers can have some feedback.

  • Towers that provide a small edge to the faction that holds them.
  • Towers that provide a huge buff to the faction that they are the focus of the war.

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I miss the old 30 att, 30 def, and ap bonus towers. Maybe these days change it to 50%. Keep it simple.

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Don’t care what they are as long as they are not “Def/Hp when defending”

This is just feeding the timeout meta I know I’ve had more defends this war than in past year put together.

My main Def is green and blue and so hard to beat I’m dropping for top fac if we have towers and I still don’t like them!

Just so much more fun with attacking towers


I personally love these towers for how much I benefit because I always run Dante def but I have to admit the buff they give is insane. Why can’t it go back to +20% attack, +20% def, and +20% hp?

I voted for huge buff because I love seeing the salt on the forums

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Attack towers

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