What type of collector are you?

I know everyone is a bit of a collector so I want to know what you are, this is not going to be a poll as everyone has a different specific answer.

I am not a heavy collector since most toons I can just get again at any other time I want, but I mostly save 5 stars (for ascendance) and event toons (that aren’t 5*) that haven’t been added to wheels yet, then when they are I usually use them as fodder or depot them. A specific example I can give is the days gone bye road map sometime before 6 stars (I think this was the legacy version of it, not sure) that gave out a green 3* Lori that was not in any wheels, but as soon as she was added to wheels I either depoted her or used her for fodder (I don’t remember), but I know some of you hold on to every toon you get or fodder/depot any that aren’t of any value to you in the game in terms of gameplay.

I am just curious of this.

Im collecting a lot of 4* molly.


haha, it’ll be like that.

I collect 4* Sherry.

I mainly collect unique 4* and 5* as well

Yeah that’s my assumption of most replies to this question, but I still am curious.

I used to collect everything 3* and up, then probably what was 6 months ago now, I kept hitting roster max and it made training and levelling impossible, so now I’m just a 5* and up-collector

Pretty much the reason I stopped collecting everything I got lol


I need HELP.


first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem

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It was a difficult decision :cry:

it was difficult decision for all of us, that’s why we’re here.

I keep unique 6 stars and that’s it, most go to the depot unless I want to ascend someone. I’m ok with not living in the past, I keep what I need and that’s it.


hey you do you, that’s probably the best way to play anyway.

Well, I collect them because it’s the way I see I was a “C”, “B++” and an “A”. Those 1* and 2* helped me a lot back in the day were getting a Legend was imposible for me. I’m so grateful because thanks to these characters now i’m a S9+ and i have more than one year here!

I collect all sorts of tokens/markers and get kind of triggered when they are close to falling below a certain threshold.

no judging here friend, just laughs.

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haha yeah i am kinda ocd like that too

I collect telltale characters.

Screenshot_20190321-200911 Screenshot_20190321-200907 Screenshot_20190321-200904 Screenshot_20190321-200847 Screenshot_20190321-200844


Clem Gang! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

(Also Kenny Gang, but I only have 7 of him. RIP)