What trait has the most F2P 6*s?

Yellow: 9 F2P 6s
Green: 5 F2P 6
Red: 5 F2P 6s
Blue: 6 F2P 6

Okay so chill with the free yellows, Aaron is coming out soon and so is Lori so green and red will be at 6 soon. The last blue F2P 6* was Dwight. We need more F2P blues

There are 6 blues

If you count Shane, I guess it’s 6

I counted 4 greens, may have missed 1

Nah can’t find the 5th green

Kal, Glenn, Carl, Wyatt, and Shiva. Kal was a tourney reward so while a low.percentage of people got him f2p he still can be f2p

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Just figured if you are counting kal you should count Shane. He has been a prize a few times

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Updated the list. You’re right

Need more of them all but your right…Yellows could do with having a rest.

But there hasn’t been any healing Yellows yet F2P…?

Unless you count Maggie, who has heal as her active skill.

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