What toons would best counter this team?



Hi guys,

What toons would best counter this line up?

Carl lead
Fast 6* guardian Glenn

Screen shots of team. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


Show me your roster, also can add me on line for easier advice: bane909


Greens with stun on attack weapons and shivas for confuse. Maybe Abe lead, with shiva, green glenn for command, Zeke for guardian and rick for focus to get around the shield if stun doesn’t work. Only two have stun resist and they are both pretty low. Stun and confuse Lydia and Dante until they are dead and then work on the rest.

My approach anyway, with toons I have and use


Red team can beat it. quite easily too
Something like

Disarm prevents Green stuns
Reds apply stuns
Gov and Lori apply Impair/Neut
Hershel and Lori apply focus to bypass shield til Koa is dead (which should not take long)
And Michonne and Andrea one shot anything once AR is ready


if ur ftp, try red kenny as lead 5 star, shiva, glenn carl, boobs (or any mix of red and green)
this team needs green stun weapons though and Reed stun if possible

red kenny gives extra attack against melee


Red Madison, Bruce, G2 Hershel, Green Alpha, Louis


Looney toons




“Roster” LoL :wink:


LOL, didn’t even realize the way it could read

Its hard for me to give advice on how to beat a team if I don’t know what the person has to use


I know what you meant still made me chuckle


All in a days work :slight_smile:


Personally I would go with.

:alert: Madison lead
:alert: Governor
:strong: Shiva
:strong: Aplha
:alert: Mirabelle

All available f2p toons I think, would smash that team up.


Red madison is not a free option that I know of, the rest are however


Is she not? Thought she was in one of the event wheels, my mistake.


It is possible, but I know my faction leader been wanting her for a long time, and only way I have seen (paid attention too) is in the premier wheel. Your guess is as good as mine though. Hard to remember how to get every toon in this game


Not sure, All I know is I have 2 but only deliberately pulled for her once, thought I got the 2nd from an event but may have just landed while pulling for someone else.


A Sarah with hemorraghe


Really appreciate all the advice! I will take it and follow up with which one did the trick! Thanks guys and gals!