What toon or toons would make my def better?

Hunter isnt really the strongest revive maybe switch him out for someone better. Could you send ss of your roster?

Bro I think his taking the piss


This sweet baby would make u invincible…

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Depot one of the Lydias. You don’t need 2

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If you have yellow glenn, switch him in for one of the lydias.
I run that setup and it does very well.
I alternate magna for shield jesus sometimes.
If you’ve got him, give it a try.

Replace Hunter with Jesus(sheild)

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This team is cancer for F2P

Holly =)

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Meh axel is only good as a 7 star

Scopely toon… :smile:

Holly for a Lydia, currently there’s nothing on that team that is a real threat for a disarm attack team.

Replace the second Lydia. She’s a waste. Use a different toon that provides synergistic effects.

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Appreciate it’s guys thx for the real tips!

Also anyone wanna hit me up on line to help with an atk team


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