What toon is a must to have to become a chick magnet?

I was wondering what toon would help the most becoming a Rock Hudson or Clark Gable of modern RTS age?

You need full team vincent T4 lvl 90


I’ll prefer Kal

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I’m on my way to have a full Vincent team thanks to last war wheel, how about a 3:2 Vincent:Khal ratio, would it work?

need to ask the ladys
but i think it have to be 5

James, I can definitely see him scoring on Tinder

3* Axel. Sexiest toon in the game. Chicks(and dudes) love him. If you’re not rocking a team of 5 of him, you’re doing it all wrong.

Rick or negan

Kapoor is my type of man

Lol you’re right,the exact amount of moobs to inspire love and scares

Probably Shiva. Meow.

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You do know rock Hudson was gay right? So if anything he’d be a dude :magnet:

But hey, we’re not judging you OP.