What token pull to do?


Should i go for 15.73333333 pulls on rise to power stash for guaranteed gear? Or do 56.77 pulls at the power token wheel? I have rick.


Had a couple faction mates pull a couple crates from the wheel…knowing my luck i would get the junky gear… Im wanting to see more answers ty. Fun topic here :wink:


I pulled a couple trainer crates, got 10 bradys, and 6 benedicts


2nd stash. Idk what is worse, wheel or this :disappointed:


I’d go 5* Douglas may not be ascendble but he’s a blue gaurdian and crit buff walkers won’t fuk with you for what he does
And prestige has some goodies too



Best items I got from the wheel was 1 double holster bag, 1 bandolier bag, 2 gps, 1 Ulysess crate and a few individual tier 4 gear.


I got a T3 gear and a Benny. That may be the best I’ll ever get.