What to do with extra S Class required goods

Seems only trolls reply

Lol nooooooo they won’t

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Arent you that guy who had that long post about the soviets scamming you when you were trying to get things in game in non legal ways?

Wonder how you got all those items…

Wording is kinda off due to me trying to avoid this from disappearing


Funny having all them ice cream cones and not claiming s class pryia once?


Yangs aren’t “S Class required goods”

Yeah looks legit lmao. Please give this guy a way to turn in his vk collectibles for others haha

How the fuck you got 29k yang and 10k keys?
I smell vk buyer

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i a not sure what this guy has done with his account or not BUT i can say i already have Pete, Laopo and Priya, currently working on my 2nd priya (2,675) so that would be 6,675 cones in total, i dont see much difference on his screenshots than mine EXCEPT he has only redeems ying yang tokens about 5 times whereas im on 41/50 and bought a few crates to upgrade my Pete

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Agreed legit question, my blue keys have disappeared after collecting Pete or idk where they are so I think it’s a fair question, btw Pete was free so will be Priya if I can win a few LU,s etc

I dont have any toon yet. got 3.1k for pete. I should be able to get him by the end of may.