What to do with Anna’s weapon?


What is everyone doing with her weapon? Keep attack up, or change it? Thanks


I dont have her, but I would change that 3rd slot to stun imo. No need to listen to me if you dont like it.


30 def, huge when defending, ap down in my dreams and after about 40 pk/dt


My plan is stun


I’m just gonna put huge ap 40 attack on mine when I get the time to do up her weapon


Yep. Anything else is a waste.

She’s not a defensive toon. At all.


Mods can fix that my blue ty is over 2k def with mods


So true, put all attack on her with a stun so her 2900 combined HP/defense on her so she dies in one turn when using her.


I’m definitely keeping attack… can’t wait to get her leveled up and try her out


I’d just throw huge ap on atk and maybe do more atk its not really worth pk/tapes


Are you all going to post screen shots in a month complaining about raids with her on your Carl lead team? Stun isn’t nearly as effective as it once was, while AP down retains all the usefulness it ever had.

Any toon can be anything now with mods. Either fill in weaknesses, or further exploit strengths. The claim that she isn’t a defense toon… At all is ridiculous and shows how you’re unable to think beyond base stats.


If she was a defensive toon wouldn’t she have a higher defence/hp normally :thinking:


Carl is not an attacking lead he’s a defensive one besides Anna works much better with Abe. :wink:

She is not a defensive toon. Her role is as an attacker. She’s best used on offense. Plus both her rush and active give a bonus to or heal hp so if anything hp would be the smarter weapon mod over def. That being said I would still focus on attack.


What I’m planning on doing is getting rid of crit and adding large ap on attack, to me it seems the better choice, though idk what to do about the 3rd slot.


Leave it alone. Sure you lose a chance to stun but the base stat works with the design of the toon. What you want to do is attack get the weapon bonus then on the next turn taunt, command her, and then fire off that attack. Shield Jebus won’t know what hit him or any other yellow for that matter.


I think she would be better with huge ap when taking damage so when she use her taunt and she attack she regain her hp and if she’s gonna be use behind green Abraham I would add 30 def to her weapon because she already have high attack jus saying


I don’t like that at all. Make the weapon full attack. Stun, 35 attack and huge ap. On mods u can use a defense/hp set that has an attack mod. Or use an attack set that has defense/hp mods. She’s definitely an attack toon so focus on that but obviously u don’t want her to die.


So isn’t that like the same thing ?? But what I said was jus a suggestion so she can use on both def or attack



Whatever. Go work with the magic of mods an make Magna an attacking toon. :crazy_face: